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About Vibrance Med Spa

Vibrance Med Spa

My Mother told me once that she’d caught an unexpected glimpse of herself in the mirror and was startled by how her skin had changed. She saw new and unflattering creases and brown spots that had not been there just a few years earlier. She told me that even though her appearance was changing into that of an older woman, she still felt like the woman of her youth, enjoying the same activities, humor and good times. Time, sun exposure, and genetics etch themselves across our faces leading outside observers to believe that we’re tired, have lost our vigor, or worse, are cranky or unhappy.


Over the years my own reflection has begun to change and I recall that conversation with my Mom. I too feel like my 20-something year old self but see that my skin has begun to reveal to the world that that decade of my life has long ago passed. I began a journey to discover a way to help reverse and erase the signs of premature aging, instead of merely trying to cover my dark spots and fine lines with heavy cosmetics that cake and fade over the course of the day. Along the way I decided to make a career shift from hospital nursing an began honing my knowledge and skills in the aesthetic skin care industry, sharing the good news, and beautiful results, with women across the Twin Cities. Our name is Vibrance, and that is just what we’re painting across the faces of our happy clients. At Vibrance, we help women look as fresh and vibrant on the outside as they’re feeling on the inside.

~ Co-Founder Rachelle Hart R.N.

Call us to schedule your always complimentary consultation and allow us to customize a treatment plan specific to the results you are dreaming of.

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